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From the water you drink to the hospital bills you pay, health policy shapes the everyday reality of all individuals. In India, these policies vary greatly from state to state.

Join us as we chat with health experts about the condition of health and healthcare across the diverse regions of India and understand the related law and policy environment. 

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In this episode we explore the status of health and healthcare in Assam with Dr. Sunil Kaul, the co-founder of ANT (Action North-east Trust). We talk about the health and policy landscape and discuss the implementation and impact of the Assam Rural Health Regulatory Authority Act, 2004 and the Assam Public Health Act, 2010.

The conversation also touches on the challenges in health service delivery in rural areas, the response to COVID-19 and larger issues of governance. 


Ready to dive into a glimpse of Assam’s health landscape? Hit play!

In this episode we explore the status of healthcare in Maharashtra with Dr. Abhay Shukla, a physician and public health expert. We talk about the condition of the public health system in Maharashtra, privatisation of healthcare, the idea of universal health coverage, and solutions for healthcare equity.


We also discuss legislative and policy-related challenges and the role that communities can play in asserting their right to health


Ready to dive into a glimpse of Maharashtra’’s healthcare landscape? Hit play!

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